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As a site on Android app development must start with a proper introduction, I will also try to follow the same convention, though I will not follow any convention in trying to make it proper as I am not planning to give any details of the Android architecture (at least in the intro).

OK! So, let’s start with most basic question, What is Android?

Android is an operating system optimized for mobile phones, i.e., Android running on a smartphone is similar to Linux (Windows??) running on the PC.

So, Are there any other questions? I feel that there are!

Android! Why is it so popular? Why is it that you find various android app stores, selling millions of apps free to the users? Why do all the mobile based projects mainly target the Android platform?

Even the newbies to the Android World may be able to answer the above questions with just a sentence, “Android is Open Source” (the reason for my comparsion of Android to Linux) , though many may not be clear of how it being open source helps in making it so popular.

Android is Open Source, i.e, one can download the Android source code (for those who are pretty eager to do it, please go to, edit it and change the complete structure of it (but if you can do that, please don’t follow this blog). This makes the entire API (I will come on it, but for now you can take it some libraries and functions that are available in Android) available to the user and hence, gives him the power to exploit all the features of Android, allowing him to make some really interesting and useful apps, which is clearly reflected by the number of apps available at the app stores. Coming on to the fact about mobile based projects, Android source can be optimized for all the available platforms, which makes it an obvious choice way above the others.

Having talked about the various basic features of Android, its time to move straight into making Android apps. The next post will focus on the development of the most basic app on Android.

Till then, Bye!

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Android

    Divya Prakash said:
    May 18, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    after downloading the android sdk when we are running the setup it shows error that jdk is not installed. even after setting environment variables it display the same problem.
    please help

      Nikhil Gupta responded:
      May 18, 2012 at 3:32 pm

      Please try to download the 32-bit versions of the software if 64-bit are not being recognized on your system.

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